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20 Christmas Science Experiments

20 Christmas Science Experiments
20 Christmas Science Experiments

baking soda experiments

We had lots of fun making these lovely mint flavoured chocolate leaves and learning about changes of state at the same time.

This bowl made from peppermint sweets would be a great way to learn about changes of state, but do be careful with the hot candy.

Make some lovely Christmas themed play dough.

christmas play dough

How about some yummy peppermint creams, these would be great to give out to friends as a little gift.

These tinkering trees are adorable from Left Brain Craft Brain.

Find out how strong candy canes are with this easy investigation.

Candy cane

Can you dissolve a candy cane? Investigate whether warm or cold water or vinegar works the best

Candy Cane Science

We also made a Christmas peppermint lolly, by growing sugar crystals.

You could even make some spiced apple cider and explore filtering at the same time.

Can you make a gingerbread house and test it for strength?

gingerbread house

In the playroom

Make some jumping snowmen or christmas trees using static electricity.

Can you make a Christmas themed magnet or marble maze?

Christmas science

We had a lot of fun with our Christmas themed shadow puppet.

Or you could have some fun exploring magnetism with this Christmas tree or how about an Olaf?

How about a Christmas themed cartesian diver?

cartesian diver

How about making some symmetrical Christmas trees?

Symmetrical Christmas trees

This magnetic present trail was fun too, we put some paperclips inside a matchbox, then wrapped it up, before using the magnet wand to move the present around the board.

magnet science

Fun outside

You could make some wonderful ice ornaments like Red Ted Art.

ice decorations

Explore pine trees with this fun activity from Inspiration Laboratories.

Can you work out how tall your Christmas tree is without measuring it?

Can you build and test some Christmas themed boats to investigate whether they sink or float?

Christmas Science - building boats

Make a Christmas themed Optical Illusion – printable coming soon


For younger children

For younger children you could make a Christmas sensory box or take a closer look at your Christmas Decorations.

How about trying some sinking and floating with Christmas decorations?

If you like to get messy, how about some Christmas themed oobleck or even some candy cane flavoured oobleck.

How about making some sparkly ice? Be sure to let it melt a little before playing, remember very cold ice can be sticky.

Bowl of sparkly ice

How about a game of match the Christmas smell to the Christmas spice using play dough?

I love this snow dough from The Imagination Tree too.

Snow dough

Or, how about testing the strength of different paper chain materials? How will you make your test fair? Can you design a table to record your results?


Christmas Gifts

You could make a teacher or family member a gift of lovely Christmas flowers.

Or how about making a fun science kit as a gift for a curious child.

science kit

We’ve also got a selection of great Christmas Gift Ideas if you’re looking for more traditional gifts.

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Fun Christmas science Experiments for kids


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