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20 Must-Try Winter Science Experiments for Kids

20 Must-Try Winter Science Experiments for Kids
20 Must-Try Winter Science Experiments for Kids

20 Must Try Winter Science Experiments for Kids

Nothing says winter more than cold and icy experiments. I am in love with this collection of science experiments and can’t wait to share them with you! I think you are going to love them, share them and pin them so you don’t lose them. I know I did!

Okay, let’s get started.

Winter Science Experiments that Explain the Why Behind the Dinners

Winter if full of holiday parties, dinners and guests. Why not take that excitement and meal prep as a time to dig into a little science? I love these dinner science experiments that are perfect for any age child.

Making Butter | Mama Smiles Blog

The Science Behind the Cranberries | Stir the Wonder

The Biology Of Bread | Left Brain Craft Brain

Winter Science with Food Items

Winter Science Experiments That Teach Freezing and Changes in States of Matter

Since the beginning of the week, my boys have been noticing and observing the forming icicles out the window each morning. There is something so incredibly magical and fascinating with the changing of matter into a solid form (like ice) for children. These science experiments are the perfect way to observe and even create ice for young children to explore.

Make Ice Grow | Teach Preschool

Snow Storm in a Jar | Growing a Jeweled Rose

Frozen Bubbles | Housing a Forest

Snow and Water Experiments | Inspiration Laboratories

Winter Science Experiments for Kids with Snow and Ice

Winter Science Experiments That Teach Melting and Change Over Time

If you are going to grow ice, freeze bubbles, and experiment with snow… you might as well melt it too! Learning about change over time can be fun and easy with these simple yet stunning winter science experiments with ice.

Winter Science Experiments for Kids for Melting Ice

Winter Science Experiments that Explore Chemistry

These science experiments have to be my favorites! I absolutely love the crystal formations and watching the reaction of two items in the other experiments. I can’t wait to try some of these with the boys.

Winter Chemistry Science Experiments for Kids

Snow Volcano | Science Sparks

Hot Chocolate Science | Fantastic Fun and Learning

Christmas Tree Crystals | We Made That

Candy Cane Experiment | A Mom with a Lesson Plan

Crystal Suncatcher Science | Babble Dabble Do

Dancing Candy Canes | Inspiration Laboratories

Winter Science Experiments that Explore Natural and Life Science

Pines, Spruce, and evergreens are a sign of the season. What better way to dig into science than to head outside and find nature to explore. I love the simplicity behind these experiments and the scientific principles behind the explorations.

Winter Natural Science Experiments for Kids

More Winter Ideas for Fun and Learning

More Science Experiments for Kids

Saturday Science Blog Hop


Popsicle Stick Catapults STEM Activity from Little Bins For Little Hands

Why Does Salt Melt Ice? from The Science Kiddo

Leaf Number Hunt & Match from Stir the Wonder

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