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AMAZING Chemistry Experiments - Science Sparks

AMAZING Chemistry Experiments - Science Sparks
AMAZING Chemistry Experiments - Science Sparks

blow up a balloon with alka seltzer

Colourful Milk

Make a lovely, colourful display using milk, food colouring and vinegar.

Oil, Food Colouring and Water Exploration Table

This oil, water and food colouring exploration table is brilliant for even very young children. For older children try a more structured approach, they could measure the amount of vinegar and baking soda needed to make the reaction spill over the top of the beaker, or try dropping tiny amounts of coloured water into the oil.

Science Exploration Station

Density Rainbow Jar

Learn about the tricky concept of density and make a beautiful demonstration density jar.

density jar
Simple Density Jar

If you don’t want to make as many layers as we have, why not try this smaller version and try to find an object to float on each layer.

Density jar

Lemon volcanoes

This lemon volcano from Babble Dabble Do is a great alternative to the traditional volcano and handy as the lemon already contains the acid.

lemon volcano

Giant bubbles

Who doesn’t love a giant bubble? Red Ted Art makes bubble making look easy in this great video. Remember the mixture gets better the longer you leave it, so allow plenty of time.

Make a square bubble

All you need to make a square bubble is a square frame. Full details coming soon.

Square Bubble

Coke and Mento Reaction

The infamous coke and mento reaction is super easy and very impressive to watch. Try comparing the size of the geyser using diet and full sugar cola, or using different types of fizzy drinks.

Can you design something which allows the mentos to drop in as soon as you remove the lid?

Coke and Mento reaction

Elephants Toothpaste

Fun at Home with Kids makes elephants toothpaste look easy, but do be careful with the hydrogen peroxide and take appropriate precautions.

Make Your Own Indicator

Test ph of vinegar and baking soda with a red cabbage indicator. What do you think might happen if you blow into the indicator?


Filter paper chromatography

Take on the role of detective with some fun filter paper chromatography.

filter paper chromatography

Dissolving skittles

Watching the colour from skittles or M & Ms dissolve is a lovely, quick, visual activity.

Film canister rockets

Film canister rockets are easy, inexpensive and great fun. All you need is a film canister, effervescent vitamin tablet and some water. Experiment with different amounts of water and tablets to find the most explosive combination.

film canister rocket

Make a volcano

Find out how to make a volcano with sand, snow or papier mache.

multicoloured volcano eruption

Can you think of any more amazing chemistry experiments for us?

amazing chemistry experiments


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