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Anatomy Model for elementary kids

Anatomy Model for elementary kids
Anatomy Model for elementary kids

great anatomy model for kids

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The new anatomy model I found

Fast forward a few years and I was wandering around the gift shop of the Genesis museum. The kids had all picked out their souvenirs, but I was fascinated by a series of mini-models for kids.

They looked like the models you find in doctor’s office, but each set was only $10-20, and they fit in a cute little box (this is the brain model, the model I have doesn’t have a good picture of it with the box).

I like little boxes.

That’s probably what sold me on the set, but that’s a story for another day. I happily bought the assorted stuffed animals, books, and my anatomy model.

Using our anatomy model in our homeschool lessons

anatomy model

While we studied anatomy we pulled this out frequently. I pulled it out to show the placement of organs.

Then we pulled it out to look at the skeleton, and how the ribcage covers up the vital organs.

take apart your anatomy model
poor guy got a serious lobotomy

And it came out again as we studied the brain, and looked at what the brain looks like.

Why this was so successful in our homeschooling?

what do we learn from an anatomy model

My kids are tactile learners. They have to see and do something to truly understand it. Taking out the various organs and figuring out how to put them back in, helped them understand exactly how each piece went together.

I did lay a few ground rules for the model, which helped us not lose the pieces.

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