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Chalk Shadow Drawings

Chalk Shadow Drawings
Chalk Shadow Drawings

This week's Playful Preschool theme is chalk! A few weeks ago we were visiting my family where I grew up on the other side of the state. My sister bought the kids a container of sidewalk chalk but once we opened it with my hilarious family around we came up with the best activity!

Someone drew a smiley face on the ground and someone else was standing close enough to move so that their shadow shared the same facial expression! Soon we were all drawing simple faces and posing together!

I love that you can see my brother and me in this photo figuring out the process behind this activity. I also really, really love that he is wearing his baby Violet memorial wristband!

This idea is fantastic for teaching kids to identify emotions! As you model how to properly draw the details of a faces, name the parts, too.

"Look, I made my mouth happy! How can you draw your mouth to look sad? Can we make a silly face, too?"

You can discuss distingushing personal characteristics. Gramps added his glasses and mustache! He also created antennae with his fingers!

For the littlest learners, this is a fantastic challenge in lining up their bodies so their shadows fall correctly. They are learning spacial relationships as they move around. You could also draw the faces and experiment with them at different times of the day as the sun moves and changes our shadows, too!

Before long our toddler was participating with accuracy! He even said, "Look, Momma, I angry!" This is a great prompt for role playing and discussing emotions.

"What might have made you angry? What would you say if you were mad?"

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