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Christmas Science Activities and Experiments for Kids

Christmas Science Activities and Experiments for Kids
Christmas Science Activities and Experiments for Kids

15 Awesome Christmas Science Experiments and Activities Holiday STEM

We will continue to enjoy many easy Christmas science activities this season. Our science activities are all Christmas themed takes on our favorite classic science experiments! Kids love the novelty of our holiday themes.

I am pleased to say they are all fun, simple and inexpensive to prepare! We use many common household ingredients. I want to share easy ways for you to bring science into your home or classroom on a budget.

You can also print our our newest Christmas STEM Countdown calendar. Free printable Christmas STEM challenge cards are perfect for little engineers. These ideas also try to use easy to get supplies or supplies you already have on hand.


What will you put in their stockings this year. Make it the gift of science with our science stocking stuffers! Pack it full with fun activities!


Also make sure to check out 25 Days of Christmas STEM Countdown Calendar. Find 25 cool science and STEM activities to try this holiday season. Start December 1st and work your way through the list or pick just a couple fun ideas.

25 Days of Christmas STEM Countdown Calendar Advent


Click on the red link provided over each picture to read the full post on each activity. Everything you need for supplies and set up is included. Plus we show you how fun it is. I always try to include a bit about the basic science too.

Suspension science and an awesome candy cane themed tree ornament! These make great tree ornaments or decorations.

Christmas Science Growing Crystal Candy Canes Experiment

Explore magnets and sensory play together! Look around the kitchen and in the craft supply box.

Christmas Sensory Bin Magnet Science Sensory Play

A fun ice melting science activity in an unique way! This is much easier than you might think. Check out how easy it is to make an icy frozen hand.

Winter Ice Melt Frozen Hands Science Activity Santa's Frozen Hands

We love our slimes. Slime is science! Decorate a slime Christmas tree and learn science too.

Christmas tree homemade slime sensory play

Can you make an ornament erupt with this easy chemical reaction? Our favorite fizzy science. Also great kitchen science for kids. We are always blown away by the results. You have to see our pictures!


A super fun polymer science activity with 2 slimes! Our homemade slime recipe is perfect. This candy cane slime is so much fun for kids. Makes quite a bit of slime too!

Candy Cane Slime Recipe Sensory Play Quick and Easy Slime

Christmas Oil and Water Science {3 ways to play}

Do oil and water mix? check out what happens when you put the two together. We tested it out in several different ways.

Christmas Oil and Water Science Activity with ice melting science

Non-newtonian fluid play and science with peppermints! A great kitchen science experiment using only 2 basic ingredients plus the peppermints and candy canes of course!

Peppermint oobleck recipe science activity

How fast do peppermints and candy canes dissolve in water? Plus you are left with a wonderfully scented water sensory bin. This activity is perfect for the youngest scientists to explore.

Peppermint Water Science Experiment Dissolving Candy Cane Activity

Too much candy, use it for a science experiment. Turn your leftover candy into a fun dissolving candy science activity. Set up your own candy lab. Which candy dissolves the fastest.

christmas candy science gingerbread house

Cookie Cutter Baking Soda and Vinegar Science

Classic and simple baking soda science. Your kids will want to do this awesome chemical reaction everyday. It’s true kitchen science right down to the cookie cutters.

Christmas baking soda science experiment fizzy sensory science

A simple science experiment that explores color theory science using plastic ornaments!

color mixing christmas ornaments primary and secondary color learning

How many ways can you build a Christmas tree? We know of at least 10! Check them out.


Building with gum drops, exploring heat changes, and dissolving gum drops. A classic Christmas candy for STEM!

Gumdrop STEM

Help the grinch grow his heart! Our homemade slime is perfect for the Grinch. Plus the confetti hearts are fun!

Grinch Slime Heart Slime Book and sensory play activity for kids

Exploring reflections mirror science and play

Simple mirror play with Christmas themed items. Explore light and reflection using Christmas decorations.

Christmas Mirror Play exploring reflections placing bells



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