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Constellation Activities for Kids

Constellation Activities for Kids
Constellation Activities for Kids

Great constellation activities for kids. Fun ways to explore space at home!

Sam is completely fascinated with constellations thanks to our local children’s museum. They have a tiny planetarium and do a lovely little space show each day. It’s always the same show. And we always go. Not that I am complaining. But it is nice to add a little variety now and again to the world of constellations.

Here are some of the constellation activities we will be using this year. Maybe some will work perfectly for you and your little space explorers too.

Constellations for kids - cards and myths

Constellation Cards and Myths – Make constellation cards together. Extend the activity by connecting them with Greek myths.

Constellations for kids - DIY star magnets

Connecting DIY Star Magnets from LalyMom – Make your own glow-in-the-dark star magnets. Then put them to use making constellations and connecting them with string.

Constellations for kids - marshmallow constellations

Marshmallow Constellations from Edventures with Kids – Use marshmallows and toothpicks to make edible constellations. Love that she includes a list of books to read with the kids, too.

Constellations for kids - geoboard constellations

Geoboard Constellations from School Time Snippets – Make your own night sky geoboard with the kids. Then grab some loom bands and create constellations on the geoboard.

Constellations for kids - threading

Constellation Sewing Cards from Kids Activities Blog – Combine star-gazing with early sewing skills. These are available as a free printable, which makes it even better.

Constellations for kids - LED lights

Make Constellations Using DIY Magnetic LED Lights from Buggy and Buddy – So much fun science in one astronomy activity! Kids can use LED lights and a cookie sheet to make their own constellations.

Constellations for kids - rocks and chalk

Constellation Art with Rocks and Sidewalk Chalk from Creekside Learning – Grab the chalk and head outside to create constellations on your sidewalk or in the driveway. Kids’ rock collections play the part of stars in this process.

Constellations for kids - constellation dough

Constellation Dough from It’s a Long Story – Play dough loving astronomers will get a kick out of this activity. Make constellations in galaxy play dough.

Constellations for kids - flashlight discs

DIY Constellation Flashlight from Handmade Charlotte – What a fun idea! Make constellation discs to put on the end of a flashlight. Then let the kids shine the constellations on the walls.

Constellations for kids - hanging craft

Hanging Constellation Craft from A Little Pinch of Perfect – Make this glow-in-the-dark constellation craft, and then hang it from the ceiling.

Caonstellations for Kids - push pin constellations

Pin Punching Constellations from Counting Coconuts – Children use a large push pin to mark the stars in this project.

Constellations for kids - letter stars

Letter Constellations from No Time for Flash Cards – Turn the star-gazing into an alphabet craft project with the kids.

Constellations for kids - sticky constellations

Sticky Constellations from And Next Comes L – Let the children design their own constellations on sticky paper. Listen to the stories they create to go along with their constellations.

Constellations for kids - constellation painting

Star Wars Constellation Craft from The Chirping Moms – Even if your kids aren’t Star Wars fans, this would be a fun way to paint and create constellation artwork.

Constellations for kids - pushpin geoboard

Constellation Geoboards from Babble Dabble Do – Print out one of the included constellation templates. Then put together your own geoboard and let the kids pin and create.

Constellations for kids - I am a constellation

If I Was a Constellation from Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational – Get the kids into making their own constellations! Extend this activity by taking photos and making your own book of constellations.

Constellations for kids - candy game

Candy Constellation Game from Handmade Charlotte – Challenge the kids to play this game and get all the round candies into the right spots to make constellations.

Constellations for kids - sticker resist art

Sticker Resist Starry Night Cards from The Artful Parent – Create beautiful constellation art using this resist painting technique.

Constellations for kids - DIY coasters

Constellation Coasters from Assemble Shop and Studio – Such a sweet and simple craft idea to make with the kids. Use the constellations as coasters or hanging them in the windows to help guide stargazing inquiries.

Constellations for kids - on the light table

Constellations on the Light Table from And Next Comes L – Add colorful stars and constellation templates to the light table. Let the kids create their own constellations or replicate some from the templates.

Great constellation activities for kids. Fun ways to explore space at home!

I think we are going to try the constellation sewing cards tomorrow. It combines a few of our current favourite things!

Our homeschool day yesterday was a success – happy kids, a big homeschoolers picnic, too many ambitious activities planned for one day, and loads of ideas for tomorrow. I think it’s going to be a great year.

I hope you are having a great week friends! Thank you so much for reading.

Original article and pictures take http://www.howweelearn.com/constellation-activities-for-kids/ site

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