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Discovery Bottle Robot - Fun-A-Day!

Discovery Bottle Robot - Fun-A-Day!
Discovery Bottle Robot - Fun-A-Day!

Make an interactive robot discovery bottle with the kids - perfect for a preschool robot theme - kids can explore sound, shapes, nuts and bolts, textures, and the alphabet

interactive robot discovery bottle

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I’ve been trying out different teas recently, including this Argo tea. Since I’m a preschool teacher and tend to use all kinds of things for my classroom, I saved the bottles. They’re perfect for this robot discovery bottle, if I do say so myself!

Robot discovery bin that explore nuts, bolts, sound, and the letters of the alphabet

In talking with the preschool children, it was decided that our robot bottle needed googly eyes and funky arms made of black pipe cleaners. Out came the handy dandy glue gun! Yes, the arms do appear to be where ears should be. But the kids determined that the robot didn’t need ears anyway. Then I just drew a smiley face on the glass with a permanent marker. Based on the kids’ input, we’ll need to make a few more robot bottles that have different facial expressions!

Once the bottle itself was taken care of, it was time to add the robot’s bits and bobs inside. I decided nuts and bolts would be a great filler for the bottle. On some of the nuts, I wrote a letter of the alphabet – both uppercase and lowercase. So inside the discover bottle, in addition to plain nuts and bolts, are bolts with letters on them.

The finishing touch was some aluminum foil around the top of the bottle. Then everything was good to go.

Robot discovery bottle for preschool kids

using the robot discovery bottle

I am positive the children will find all kinds of new ways to use this robot, here are a few possible uses for it –

  • Children can manipulate the closed and filled bottle. They’ll be able to explore the sound the nuts and bolts make this way. They’ll also be able to look out for different letters on the nuts within the bottle.
  • The kids can dump out the contents and get to exploring! Nuts and bolts can be sorted and matched, and the letters hidden within can be found and put into order.

Would your kiddos enjoy making and using this interactive robot discovery bottle? Let me know if you end up making one!

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Robot Discovery Bottle - perfect for a preschool or kindergarten robot theme - lets kids explore sound, texture, shapes, sorting and matching, and the alphabet

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