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Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids and Tweens

Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids and Tweens
Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids and Tweens

Easy Christmas crafts that tweens can do on their own. Fun for the holidays.

Note: I am a Kiwi Crate affiliate and while I purchased our own monthly subscription, Kiwi Crate sent us these two holiday crates for review purposes.

While I’ve previously shared our love for our monthly subscription boxes from Kiwi Crate and Tinker Crate, you many not know that you can buy single crate holiday themed boxes. We put together a Tinker Crate LED Holiday Luminary and a Kiwi Crate Clay Ornament kit.

For tweens who might not normally be interested in doing crafts (especially with mom!) these were great projects to do with my son. Although the projects come with specific instructions they both allowed for creative expression and even thinking outside the box (pun!)

Note: These two kits are great for tweens, but can be done with younger kids, too. There are even holiday kits suitable for preschoolers.

Inside the holiday craft boxes for kids.

The LED luminary kit encourages kids and tweens to exercise their engineering skills, and it was a nice complement to previous electricity based Tinker Crate projects my son has done this year. You have the option to make a snowman, gingerbread man or Christmas tree. We opted for the snowman, because as my son said, “Then we could have it up all winter.”

Make a LED holiday luminary. STEM Christmas craft for tweens.

I’ve never made clay ornaments before. It’s a classic Christmas craft, so I was glad that we finally got to make them. The kit comes with cookie cutters but my son decided to go out on his own and craft a mini snowman to hang on the tree, too!

Make clay ornaments for the Christmas tree. Get craft for kids and tweens.

The included set of letter stamps means you can write a short message on your ornaments . After we had finished I had the brilliant-but-too-late idea of pressing my son’s fingerprint into the clay. That would have made a great memory ornament!

DIY clay ornaments for kids to make at home.

If clay ornaments and a luminary don’t tempt you, don’t give up, Kiwi Crate has a number of holiday and non-holiday themed boxes. I encourage you to poke around their website and take a look.

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