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Fine Motor Slingshot Play

Fine Motor Slingshot Play
Fine Motor Slingshot Play

Use this activity at your own discretion with your children.

The idea came from our BFF neighbors. She explained that she set up rubber bands on the stair railings to create an indoor slingshot. I just knew we had to try it! You'll want to do the same! She tied hers somehow, but I wrapped two rubber bands around the posts and connected them in the middle with a paperclip.

I gave my preschooler a bowl of Craft Project Ideas' pompoms and a brief demonstration. It is definitely an acquired skill but she spent the afternoon working on her accuracy.

We are correcting my daughter's inefficient pencil grasp with gentle reminders and as much fine motor work as we can work into our play. She especially needs to be provided with activities where she has to pinch with her thumb and index finger.

Her reaction was priceless! Our cat was chasing the pompoms as they flew down the stairs. It was a fun activity for the whole family even if you were the one sitting in the fire zone.

We took the bowl of pompoms downstairs when we were finished. Toddler D found another bowl and started transferring the pompoms from one container to another. Be still, my fine motor loving heart!

Next we moved outside to our deck to shoot raisins into the yard for the birds! E was very excited to feed them in this way.

By this time she had gotten quite good at pinching the raisin in front of the paperclip, pulling back the rubber bands, and letting it fly!

We had a blast blasting things with our homemade slingshot and working on hand strength at the same time!

Craft Project Ideas sends us craft supplies which is wonderful

because we truly love creating with their products!

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