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Floating Grape Experiment

Floating Grape Experiment
Floating Grape Experiment

Floating grapes experiment | P is for Preschooler

I must admit, I never gave much thought to whether grapes would float in water or not.

But I got this great science experiment idea from Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails and decided to try it. (I get lots of ideas over there - you should check them out!).

You will need:

grapes (at least 2)


2 clear cups

Supplies cups sugar grapes experiment

I put out 2 glasses of water, the grapes and the sugar. Without any prompting, Kay picked up a grape and dropped it in the water. "Aw, it sinks." (Can you tell we've done our share of sink-or-float experiments before?) I asked what she thought we could do to make it float. She grabbed the spoon and mixed the grape around a little. "Nope, that just makes it dance," she told me. (Good try, though, I thought!)

Grapes sink preschooler experiment

She dropped grape #2 in glass #2, and I suggested she see if the sugar would do anything. I let her scoop and add the sugar herself (only slightly cringing when she missed the glass!). "It looks like snow! Let's add more snow..." She went to pick up the whole container of sugar but as if I could read her mind, I reminded, "Just use the spoon." (Yikes! Close one!)

Sugar sink grapes float experiment science

She added about 8 spoonfuls before - look - the grape hovered in the middle just a bit. A couple more scoops of sugar and, yes, definitely floating now!

Floating grapes science experiment for preschoolers with sugar

Then, for no apparent reason, she randomly dumped the rest of the grapes into cup #1. (She also added a scoop of sugar in there too. So it wouldn't feel left out?)

grapes and sugar experiment

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you'll know about Kay's love for all things "icky". So, of course, she felt the need to "feel" the wet sugar at the bottom of the glass. She tried to scoop it up with her hands for awhile, making all kinds of adorable "eww" faces in the process, until I finally got her to wash up.

Sugar makes grapes float science experiment for kids

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