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Fun Taste Test Science Experiments for Kids - Fantastic Fun & Learning

Fun Taste Test Science Experiments for Kids - Fantastic Fun & Learning
Fun Taste Test Science Experiments for Kids - Fantastic Fun & Learning

15 Science Experiments You Can Eat~Learn, Play and Eat with these fun science investigations for kids

Are all lemon foods sour? Find out with this lemon taste test investigation. Includes a free printable recording sheet.

Future chemists will have fun with these caffeine free tea taste test and flavor mixing experiment.

Kids will be amazed that they can make their own raisins. Learn how from Learn Play Imagine.

What happens when lollipops dissolve? Find out with this lollipop lab experiment. Then create your own lollipop flavor combinations.

Winter is the perfect time to experiment with creating your own unique hot chocolate recipes. Let little scientist create their own combinations with these hot chocolate mixing ideas.

Kids will love this blind taste and smell test using ice cream. I love how the whole investigation was set up over at No Time for Flash Cards.

Grab some new bubble gum and use your five senses in this science investigation with a free printable.

Make your own slushies without a blender in this easy science experiment from Reading Confetti.

Use color as your inspiration and have a taste test. I love the foods B-Inspired Mama chose for this green food taste test for picky eaters. There’s even a free printable recording sheet to use for any food combinations.

1+1+1=1 has an adorable free printable to go along with an apple taste test.

After you’ve finished the apple taste test try a spice tray investigation with this clever idea from Edventures with Kids.

Get kids to eat some fruits and veggies and explore different textures and scents with this smoothie taste test from Hands On As We Grow.

Paging Fun Mums shows you step by step how to make your own rock candy. Kids have so much fun watching these sweet treats grow.

Transforming ingredients into something edible is always engaging for kids. Coffee Cups and Crayons shows you how to make ice cream in a bag. Then enjoy tasting the results of your experiment.

Laughing Kids Learn has an awesome recipe for making and tasting fizzy sherbet, a delight for the senses.

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