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Giant Bubbles Recipe

Giant Bubbles Recipe
Giant Bubbles Recipe

Do you want to have a go at making Giant Bubbles at home with your little ones?

There really is something about bubbles that captivates us. There is something almost magical about them, especially as far as the little ones are concerned. You stand and start blowing bubbles at a party and just watch how the children stop and watch. They are fun, calming, mystifying. No matter what your age we all have the urge to POP them too!! Thats as far as little bubbles go! How about creating Giant Bubbles? Giant Bubbles that you can physically stand in.

We have been having a heatwave in the UK at the moment and we've been spending most of our time sun-creamed up and outdoors! Today I pulled out the Tuff Tray and off we went making and creating our very own Giant Bubbles with just ONE simple ingredient!

You will need: Suitable container - A Tuff Tray is perfect! Hula Hoop Fairy Liquid Water 1. Fill a Tuff Tray or suitable container with water. 2. Add Fairy Liquid around the edges of the tray. We squeezed it out in circular motions and used practically the whole bottle. 3. Using your hula hoop, submerge it into the water and lift into the air. These were so effective and great for all ages to try! Little N was really good at making really big bubbles and me and her Dad loved the challenge of trying to create the biggest! And in three easy steps you can enjoy creating lots of lovely big bubbles! Be sure to support us and watch the video we made! We have created slow motion on some of the Giant bubble clips! I just love how they look when they burst!

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