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How to Kiss-Proof Your Lipstick A Step By Step Guide

How to Kiss-Proof Your Lipstick A Step By Step Guide
How to Kiss-Proof Your Lipstick A Step By Step Guide

Polish Up

First things first—in order for your lip color to last, you need to create a smooth base. Use a gentle polishing lip scrub, like Fresh’s Sugar Lip Polish to buff away flakes and reveal a smooth canvas.

Add a Little Moisture
Little Moisture

If you’re prone to dry, flaky lips, follow the buffing step with a swipe of hydrating balm. Makeup artist Lauren Andersen says she always applies lip balm to her clients’ lips, then does their eye and face makeup before coming back to apply lip color, so the balm has time to sink in. (We’re currently obsessed with Softlips’ Cube 5-in-1 Lip Care —it comes an adorable little package, leaves our lips super-soft, and leaves behind just the slightest sheen.) If you’re going super-matte with your lip color, you can skip this step.

Fill It In
Lips Liner

If you really want your lip color to lock in place, line not only the outer edges of your lips, but fill them in, too. Pick a shade that’s similar to the lipstick you are using, or at least in the same color family. When your lipstick fades after a glass (or two, or three…) of champagne, the lip liner will leave a lovely stain behind.

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Apply with a Brush
Lip Brush

Though some people may prefer to apply their lipstick straight from the tube, if you’re going for staying power, using a lip brush is the way to go. Why? The lip brush presses the pigment into your lips and often requires a couple of coats—a.k.a. less room for smudging and fading. A creamy, pigmented, matte lipstick, like Lipstick Queen’s Velvet Rope ($50) collection, will lock color in place more than sheer, shiny versions.

Blot and Repeat
Blot and Repeat

Here is crucial step number five: use a tissue to blot after you’ve applied your lipstick. This will press the pigment into you lips even more and get rid of excess shine. Then, just follow with another coat of color.

Clean It Up
Reverse Lip Liner

Finally, clean up around the edges with either concealer (applied with a small concealer brush) or a reverse lip liner, like Cargo’s Reverse Lip Liner ($16). Both will help create a sleek, smooth, perfect line, as well as prevent feathering and fading throughout the night. And there you have it—a kiss-proof, perfectly executed lip.

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