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How to make a brain cell model

How to make a brain cell model
How to make a brain cell model

Hands on Science the nervous system
Hands on Science the nervous system

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Supplies needed for a brain cell model: 3 different colors of play dough (you can get a Play-Doh: Case of Colors for $5)

make a play dough neuron
make a play dough neuron

The brain cell model is super simple to make:

  1. Flatten out a round blob of the first color. Then roll out a snake. Pinch off several longish strands, and attach to the round blob. Now roll the snake a little thinner and pinch off pieces attaching them to the first bits.
  2. Add a small flat bit to the middle of the flat disc using the second color.
  3. Roll out a long snake in the third color. Break off half of that, and attach it to the center blog. Now roll the snake thinner, and break pieces off and attach them in a spider-web sort of manner.
  4. Either make 2 more complete cells or make 2 more of each end to be able to explain the process.
  5. Now you have a brain cell model to be able to discuss how information travels from the point of origin up to your brain.

dendrite play dough model
dendrite play dough model

How does information travel along your brain cell model?

  1. The first neuron (that’s what a brain cell is called) picks up the information and sends it through the axon terminal.
  2. The information passes over the synaptic gap to the next neuron.
  3. The information enters through the synapse and passes on to the
  4. Cell body and the nucleus which decides if the information needs to move furnter along, and if it it does, the information passes on to the
  5. myelin sheath, which continues on down to the
  6. axon terminal, and the process starts all over again continuing in this fashion until it reaches the brain.

Some great information we learned from our brain cell model

Our brain cell model helped us put together the information we learned. Especially because we read in our Anatomy book we make more brain connections by learning different ways. That’s why it’s important to try different methods to learn. For us to get the brain cell lesson we first heard it when I read the lesson. Then we made our play dough models, and finally we drew and labeled a picture in our notebooking journal.

how does our brain learn
how does our brain learn

We demonstrated this with a great activity from the book, we took 1 minute to make as many dots as we could. Then in the next minute we connected as many dots as possible before the timer went off.

This is how our brain learns. It makes connections between the different neurons. The more connections we make, the more our brain learns. The kids got really excited when they finally put together this is why I present material in as many ways as I can, because that causes your brain to make more connections.

Our brain cell model made a great start for our nervous system study, and the kids really enjoyed it.

PS: Today is my anniversary, so I want to say Happy Anniversary Jeff!

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