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How To Remove Dry Skin From Feet And Legs

How To Remove Dry Skin From Feet And Legs
How To Remove Dry Skin From Feet And Legs

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Is the dry, flaky skin on your feet and legs irritating you? You are unable to wear your favorite sandals and flip-flops. Also when you are going to the beach, you have to wear jeans, whereas those lovely floral printed skirts and shorts are lying somewhere in the wardrobe waiting for you to take them out. But no, you can’t because you legs are full of white, flaky skin that makes your legs look so dry and dehydrated.

So why is this happening? What is dry skin? How to remove dry skin? Does it happen only when your skin is dry? Not necessarily. Dry skin is nothing but the dead skin that has accumulated over your skin because you have not scrubbed it off for a longer time. We’ll suggest you some very simple and easy ways to get rid of this dead skin from your feet and legs.

How to remove dry skin from feet?

Don’t feel embarrassed by the calluses of your feet any more. Forget your boots and socks for a while and bring out your favorite flip-flop sandals to flaunt your soft feet. It’s easy, just some routine treatment required.

Try a weekly home pedicure to get rid of this dead and dry skin. But when not done for a longer time, it may result in hard calluses. Grab and foot shaver and scrape off all the dead skin.

foot shaver for shave all the dead skin
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  • Soak your feet in warm water for about 20 minutes to half an hour till the skin becomes soft.

  • Then using the foot shaver, shave all the dead skin in short and gentle strokes.

  • In between keep washing the shaver to get clean the dead skin scraped off. This is how to remove dead skin on foot.

  • When it’s all done, touch your feet to see if it feels soft.

  • Then with pumice stone rub the heels and exfoliate your whole foot area to slough off all the dead cells.

  • Finish off by massaging your foot well with a moisturizer.

There you own baby soft feet.

How to remove dry skin from legs?

Now what about legs? How to clean the white flaky skin from your legs? You don’t need to run to the parlor and spend thousands of bucks. Do it at the comfort of your home. Here’s what you have to do.

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Exfoliation! These are the steps to be followed:

remove dry skin from legs
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  • Prepare a home-made exfoliation scrub. You’ll need granulated sugar or sea-salt, honey, your favorite body oil and water. Mix all these ingredients together to form a paste.

  • Its best to exfoliate when you shower. Use lukewarm water and wash your legs. The warm water will open up your pores allowing your skin to breathe.

  • Apply the prepared scrub all over your legs and rub gently. Do not be too harsh when scrubbing as it may cause damage your skin. You may also use a loofah or a scrubbing brush instead of your hands. The loofah helps blood circulation and new skin to grow.

  • Finally wash off with cold water. The cold water will close the skin pores.

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  • After your shower, pat your legs dry with a towel and apply a thick layer of moisturizer or your favorite body lotion and massage for a few minutes. Cover your legs with socks to lock in the moisture.

Now with a smooth mirror-finish leg and baby soft feet, get ready to wear your lovely short dresses and your flip-flops. Hope these ways on how to remove scaly skin on legs and feet will help!

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