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How To Wear Your Hair Behind Your Ears

How To Wear Your Hair Behind Your Ears
How To Wear Your Hair Behind Your Ears

Here's an assignment for you: Next time you're up late enough to catch an actress walk on to a late-night talk show, try to find her ears. Here, take the next 15 minutes and watch the First Lady sing in a car circling the White House. Spoiler alert—it's very charming (Missy Elliot shows up at the end), and you also won't see either of FLOTUS' ears.

Save for the Monica Rose acolytes who favor the high pony (Gigi, Kendall, Chrissy), more often than not women on all aspects of TV—in interviews, on the red carpet, while handing out roses to the absolutely wrong two finalists on The Bachelorette—wear their hair loosely draped over their ears and never seem to touch it while on camera. It's a feat in its own right not to mindlessly push your hair out of your face, if only to get a wider field of vision. But why not? Chances are, there's a wonderful pair of earrings hiding behind that hair. And if there isn't, as good a reason as ever to go jewelry shopping.

Not to mention the casual style that comes with a bit of a tuck behind the ears. Holly Mills is the creator behind the hair you see above (with the lovely Ingeborg on makeup and stylist Lilli Millhiser on outfit duty), using just a bit of One Prep Spray by R+Co and Tigi Bed Head Superstar Queen For A Day Spray for hold. Overall, the direction is simple—pull the hair back as much as it suits you. Then direct your attention where it really counts: the accessories. A few suggestions below:

The Starter Statement

Not too small, not too big, not quite a hoop, not quite any other shape you'd recognize. Choose these when you're actively trying to step up your earring game but not quite sure what your ultimate direction will be. They'll never not be in style.

Yada wears Ursa Major earrings, a 3.1 Phillip Lim top, and vintage jeans.

The Art Deco Clip-On

And these are actually the more toned-down version of Proenza's earrings this season! Still, too much fun not to wear—and lighter than you'd expect. For that ornate vibe, but so sleek and streamlined they avoid being too in your face.

The Mix-Matched Set

Can't decide which earrings go best with your outfit? Wear one of each! Problem very chicly solved.

The Classic Hoop

But maybe a little larger. And with Jennifer Fisher's help, a little luxe-er. What's the saying? Go big or go home? Something like that.

Yada wears Jennifer Fisher earrings and a Maryam Nassir Zadeh top.

The Art Teacher

Because everyone wants to have jewelry they'd steal from their grandmother (but not every grandmother has jewelry you can steal). Sometimes you have to rely on Rachel Comey to design something just as good.

Yada wears Rachel Comey earrings, a Maryam Nassir Zadeh top, and vintage jeans.

The Neo-politan

Get it? Because Neapolitan ice cream is three colors. A classic, but for when you're feeling a bit feistier. And they're from H&M, so much more guilt-free than actual ice cream.

The Monochrome Tassle

These are a staple for Oscar de la Renta—the house has been making them for years, in a million trillion colors. Universally flattering; never not exciting.

Yada wears Oscar de la Renta earrings and an Elizabeth and James dress.

Yada Villaret (Wilhelmina) photographed by Tom Newton. Hair by Holly Mills. Makeup by Ingeborg using Glossier. Styling by Lilli Millhiser.

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