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Magical Rising Water (Video)

Magical Rising Water (Video)
Magical Rising Water (Video)

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Watch this science experiment and solve the mystery of rising water

We normally don’t play with fire (for obvious reasons) But here is a magical experiment I didn’t expect to be so easy and so much fun to do. At the same time, the results are so hard to understand, with, sadly, much misleading information on the internet.

While your child may not understand completely the real science behind this experiment, it is still an awesome science activity to do to spark their interest in STEM!

As always, adult supervision is required (THERE IS FIRE INVOLVED).

What you need

  • deep dish or container
  • a tall glass
  • water
  • analysis of this experiment.

    See, you can learn so much about science from one little experiment. Isn’t it amazing?

    Original article and pictures take http://www.rookieparenting.com/magical-rising-water-video/ site

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