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Mess Free Magnetic Learning Center - Left Brain Craft Brain

Mess Free Magnetic Learning Center - Left Brain Craft Brain
Mess Free Magnetic Learning Center - Left Brain Craft Brain

Make this Mess Free Magnetic Learning Center for some fun and easy STEM learning play.

Mess Free Magnetic Learning Center Supplies Needed

  • Empty mouthwash bottles (check for childproof caps)
  • CD storage box {affiliate}

Magnetic Bottle Supplies 2 Left Brain Craft Brain

Make Your Magnet Bottles

The first step is to empty out all the mouthwash. I grabbed a jar and saved it for future use. Or you could just have really minty breath today :) Next, remove all the labels.

Then it’s time to pick your bottle ingredients for your magnetic learning center. Pick a mixture of magnetic and non-magnetic materials. I tried to do a mix of silver and colorful items too. Kids initially will think all the metal like ones are magnetic and the colorful ones aren’t. But whoa, aluminum foil and pipe cleaners blew some of the kid’s minds because they didn’t do what they expected.

Magnetic Learning Center Set Left Brain Craft Brain

I also added our cool Magnetic Field Sensory Bottle which is totally mesmerizing, even for adults. Click over for the magic ingredient we used in this bottle.

magnetic field sensory bottle LBCB

These are great for free exploration and you never know what will happen. My daughter ended up making them into towers and dominoes and tried to knock them down with the wand. And still no mess! If you want to drive some additional science learning, you can ask them to make a hypothesis about which ones will stick to the magnet before they start playing.

Holding Magnet Bottle Left Brain Craft Brain

Now for the gratuitous happy kiddo shot :) Sometimes I like to remind myself that my blog is kind of my photo album and it’s OK to add pics that remind me of the good times we had with a project. Thanks for understanding.

Smiling Magnet Play

Keep It Organized

I happened to have this

More STEM Made Fun

While you’ve got the magnets out, try this Magnet Painting Five Minute Craft too!

Magnet Painting

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