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Teaching Science Through the Lives of Scientists

I love to help moms make science accessible so they can be “Yes Science Moms.” I encourage them to establish homeschool science confidence by choosing a solid science curriculum to serve as a foundation. Then from that base, they can branch out with other resources, unit studies, hands-on activities, field trips, and so on.

When looking for add-ons, consider biographies of inventors, chemists, astronomers, biologists, and geologists to match the science you are studying. It’s common to add biographies to a study of history, but biographies work for science studies too!

Especially beneficial when studying the stories of great scientists is to learn how they overcame adversity, according to a study reported by the American Psychological Association.

“At the end of a six-week grading period, students who learned about the scientists’ intellectual or personal struggles had significantly improved their science grades, with low-achievers benefiting the most. The students in the control group who only learned about the scientists’ achievements not only didn’t see a grade increase, they had lower grades than the previous grading period before the study began.”

5 Resources for Learning About the Lives, Times, and Science of Great Scientists

One of the great things about these 5 books is that they are written to children. Many of these activities and experiments can be done with minimal parent involvement. That makes scientific discoveries even easier!

  1. Galileo for Kids– This book leads kids down the path to modern physics and astronomy by way of Galileo’s experiments, theories, and works. There’s plenty of hands-on fun for students of all ages.
  2. Wright Brothers for Kids– If you are studying flight, then this is a detailed book of the history of flight and aviation coupled with a biography of the Wright Brothers. Aviators will have the chance to enjoy many science of flight challenges along the way.
  3. which has more DaVinci fun for all ages.

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