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Nature Cutting Tray - Munchkins and Moms

Nature Cutting Tray - Munchkins and Moms
Nature Cutting Tray - Munchkins and Moms

Nature cutting tray for preschool scissor skills

It’s been a good long time since I’ve made made a new cutting tray for my preschoolers. It’s not that we haven’t been doing them (in the last two weeks we’ve re-done the “Spider Web Cutting Tray” and the “Recyclables Cutting Tray“), it’s just I haven’t had the creative inspiration to make a new one…until yesterday when Cannon came in the house asking for his scissors to take outside. When I asked him why, he said he needed to cut the plants– BAM– inspiration.

preschool scissor skills

We gathered as many plants, petals, and leaves that we could come up with, and set it in a tray (preschool scissor practice

A word of caution: this exercise is not for first time cutters. I would recommend it for kids who already have a general grasp on holding scissors properly because there is a lot of manipulation that needs to take place in order to cut our nature finds. With that being said, this exercise is fantastic for kids who are becoming more proficient with scissors. Holding flimsy grass blades upright, pinching tiny flower petals, turning leaves different angels, etc. Cutting each of these different items takes fore planning along with some reasoning skills to adjust the cutting angles. There is so much happening in this one activity!


Besides all the manipulating, planning, and cutting practice, this also makes a great sensory tray! Smelling different flower scents (we also had mint in there), feeling various textures, and just admiring the sight of all those glorious colors made this a rich sensory experience.

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