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Peppermint Water Science Candy Dissolve Experiment

Peppermint Water Science Candy Dissolve Experiment
Peppermint Water Science Candy Dissolve Experiment

Peppermint Water Science Experiment Dissolving Candy Cane Activity

This candy cane or peppermint water science activity is also fun water sensory play as well. We explored quite a few of our senses along the way including sight, taste, smell and touch! Don’t forget to check out our other great peppermint science sensory play with peppermint oobleck. Water science is the perfect around the house and is a quick set up activity that has so many options for variations. Vary your play and watch the discoveries and observations they make from experiment to experiment. You will amazed at how much soaks in during these simple play activities! 30 Awesome Simple Science Experiments is another resource to bookmark!

Peppermint Candy Dissolve Water Science Activity

Today we are focussing on dissolving different size peppermint candies and candy canes all with a little water sensory play!

Supplies Needed:

peppermints and candy canes

bin filled with water

science tools such as tongs and magnifying glass

scoops, spoons, containers, funnels and whatever else you like to enhance water sensory play!

Peppermint water science sensory play set up

Science Tip: Don’t provide the answers, ask the questions!

What do you think?

What will happen if?

What do you smell? What do you see?

How long will it take? What does it feel like?

Peppermint Water Science Close Up of Mints

Not only is this simple peppermint water science activity a great chance to observe the candy dissolving in the water, it’s a wonderful opportunity to extend the learning time with water sensory play. We added our favorite magnifying glass to practice our observation skills and to talk about what was happening.

Peppermint water science sensory play examining changes in candy canes

There was some mint sampling, smelling and touching as we observed the candies as they dissolved. Why do candy canes dissolve in water? They are made from sugar! We talked about sugar and water liking one another and bonding together causing a physical change or a change we can see! To learn more, check out this chemistry review. Use mini scoops, bottles, funnels, and a sieve to play!

peppermint science water sensory play

We even explored air bubbles as we played and filled our container. I showed him how when we hold the bottle up it fills with air {even though we can’t see it} and then when we submerge the bottle, the water forces the air out making bubbles.

Peppermint Water Science Sensory Play Exploring Air bubbles

These little peppermints or small candy canes are everywhere, grab a bag and try out some fun peppermint science experiments of your own!

Holiday themed peppermint water science!

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