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Polar Bear Temperature Experiment

Polar Bear Temperature Experiment
Polar Bear Temperature Experiment

Temperature Science Experiment

2. Reading the experiment to Tori and Katie so that they understand what we’re doing.

Reading the Instructions

3. Two thermometers to read temperature.

Two Thermometers

4. Placing thermometers under bags and securing bags with rocks so they don’t blow away.

Setting Up

5. Waiting. Do you hear the Jeopardy theme too?

Waiting for Results

6. The next morning (we wanted to see the high and low temps) we checked our bags and the black bag had a high of 47 degrees and the white bag had a high temp of 45 degrees. Celsius.

So, after looking up the temp chart on the ‘Net, that means the black bag got really hot, lol. Almost 117 degrees.

Result 2

Result 1

Probably not the most accurate experiment. It was supposed to be done on a sidewalk. I thought there would be a bigger temperature difference.

But the girls loved it and told Dad all about it, so it was worth it, eh?


Original article and pictures take http://www.royallittlelambs.com/ever-heard-of-a-pizzly-bear/#_a5y_p=4343023 site

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