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Science Projects for Kids

Science Projects for Kids
Science Projects for Kids

50+ Science Projects for Kids

Looking for some fun things to do with your toddlers and kids? Why not break up the boring with some SCIENCE projects for kids!

Our 4 kids are (thankfully) still at ages where we can get them to do things together. My husband loves to break out the science when they start complaining and need something to keep their minds occupied.

From learning about electricity, to watching a chemical reaction — your kids will love to get their hands dirty with Science. Don’t tell them this, but they may actually learn something… shhh…..

We have an on-going list of 50+ Science Projects for Kids that we’ve rounded up. Do you have a science project we didn’t list? Leave a comment and we will add it to the list!

50+ Fun Science Projects for Toddlers & Kids

  1. Egg Drop Experiment
  2. solar ovenSave
    Learn to make a solar oven!

Check out more things to do with kids!

Don’t forget – if you have a link to a science project for kids, add it in the comments!

Original article and pictures take http://www.digitalmomblog.com/science-projects-for-kids/ site

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